Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lazer Bass

Earlier, a friend and I were discussing via e-mail what to do with the last weekend of the month. I'm not sure if I'll be in town, but if I am, I will be going to this 'lazer bass' thing--
I found more information on that movement-- it's not "glitch hop"-- more like underground-style remixes of commercial tracks (that is good in theory, and it has more focus than "mash-up"); I would recommend this blog entry on the New Yorker, of all places--
I was skeptical at first. Mainly because I don't like my vocals cut-up to fit a beat-- I like my vocals live on a beat. But quite frankly, the stuff is entertaining.

I downloaded the free Megasoid Tank Thong and Ghislain Poirier mixes. I threw on the Megasoid mix as I discussed the lazer bass thing with my friend earlier. And then I heard some sweet vocals and I was like-- hey, that's a Zulu verse!

SNARKINESS DISCLAIMER: this remainder of this post may contain critical, snobbish, or otherwise snarky content.

If the lazer bass thing acquires any critical mass, I hope that promoters have the brains to retain live MCs to host the events! I have been to some sweet dubstep shows recently, but they were somewhat tarnished by the lack of MC-- moreover, they were tarnished by some DJs and promoters hollerin' between sets. They were NOT MCs! Stay off the mic! If you are too cheap to retain an MC, you don't get to hype yourself up on the mic.

Oh jeez, I'm sorry, you know I love you guys.

Oh, damn, look at that-- I just noticed that mashit.com had a lazer bass comment back on May 1-- http://www.mashit.com/2008/05/01/lazer-bass/

If you want a really sweet remix album of gangsta shit, buy this: Lil Wayne "None Higher"; selections are fitted by mixtape mainstay DJ Benzi. Oh, look, someone blogged about it--

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