Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Calenda

I want to get you guys on-board for some of these special forces missions listed below. People like MC Zulu also work with the most cutting edge dubstep, glitch, and breakbeat DJs and producers (DJ C, Ghislain Poirier, and Kush Arora, for example). And trust me, you'll be hearing a lot more dubstep at upcoming parties, it's here to stay.

At the end of the night at our recent Resonate 3, host MC Zulu tore up the microphone alongside DJ Jeekoos' deep, psychedelic dubstep techno. Zulu has a dancehall-reggae style on the mic and is a Chi-town native (well, actually he was born in Panama, but close enough). Zulu can switch things up, and is performing alongside The Aggrolytes and local reggae band The Drastics on Friday, April 25th at the Beat Kitchen (hear Zulu songs at; see also:

Slacky J, a local reggae deejay ( who hosts a progam on one of the bottom of the dial stations (88.7), is performing at Cafe Lura on Saturday April 19th. I love Cafe Lura; it's a Polish bar at Milwaukee and Belmont, and combines a stony, Old World atmosphere with cutting edge rave vibes. One of my buddies met his wife there, and yes, she was fresh from Eastern Europe.

El-P, big boss of the most futurist, legendary, underground New York hip-hop label of the 21st century (, is coming to the Abbey pub on May 15th (think that's a Thursday or something). He's bringing Dizzee Rascal, UK Mercury Prize -winning grime pitbull.

Finally, Mark your calendar for June 27-29-- the Midwest Electronic Music Festival is coming!!! (

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