Wednesday, April 16, 2008


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ALERT! Humans of the hemisphere, initiate cryo-revivification. After one last ounce of suction those hoses pop off with a crackle and a hiss. Haha! I am alive again. I can wriggle my fingers! After breathing brand-new Air (tm), I reported to mandatory Yoga for the first time in, oh so long. I gently rubbed and massaged and awakened all the cells in my body. After a winter spent in a poisoned ball of addiction to feeding tube chemicals and inertial brainwaves, I am free again. Un-hibernate! Of course, prior to decompression I scrapped a few pounds in the Brazilian virtual reality muscle atrophy reversal program, so I have a head start. Sounds like you are already ahead of the curve with your regimented zero-grav hamster wheel exercises. I guess being assigned to active Monitor patrol during the deep freeze season has an upside?

I believe in such a thing as Seasonal Pod Malfunction Disorder, but I know I haven't suffered from it. I love that haze of days spent in the cerebral dreamland of temporal stasis, suckling on the cybernetic teat of non-physical reality. But I especially love right now, when I exist in three dimensions (well, theoretically).

There really is something amazing that happens in Spring, when everyone collectively awakens from suspended animation and re-activates the generation ship's full life support array. There really is something amazing that happens in Spring, when everyone on the ark collectively give their wing membranes a shake, and scatter the crust of winter to the wind. You catch people humming a tune even as they hustle to mind-numbing jobs programming the day-to-day orbital algorithms. It is nothing short of a revolution, sending hope across the northern sector like ripples on a hydroponic algae tank. Even when I am working in the Greenhouses I know that every Spring is re-birth, but there the serendipity and possibility of the city is exchanged for a greater diversity of birds, buds, and flowers.

A trideo on the Discovery Channel, about a helicopter crew that crash into the smoldering caldera of a volcano, yet narrowly survive, gave me some extra inspiration this de-thawing cycle. As well as the near-death experience of my friend in a hovercar rollover... But your tales of how you maintained a disciplined, healthy lifestyle-- while everyone else slept, contented and fat in a broth of nutrient fluid-- have also inspired me. While in my meditation chamber I even dreamed up some new concepts for skill rhetoric bites (and they involve no speculative fiction)! I suspect I'll make Bridge officer in no time at all.
>>>>End Transmission.

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