Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Repeating Self-Reflexive Synchronicity

In citing some of my intellectual influences, I would be remiss to not include Carl Jung. He gave a name to what is arguably the most significant empirical phenomenon supporting the truth of metaphysical Idealism, and even plain old God, Jah, Allah or whatever you want to call It/Him/Her. I've found that some of the most remarkable synchronicity actually refers to itself-- trumpeting its existence loud and clear. If you look at the set-up for a genuine synchronicity story, you can tell that it can ONLY make sense as synchronicity. For example, in the dream cited below, that what happens in the dream is already regarded as strange by the dream pretty much proves that what follows after the dream is, shall we say, staggeringly unreal.

Last weekend we saw Bassnectar not once but twice; first in a suavely-appointed, futuristic dome, second in the Lincoln Park Zoo, the day 4/20, amidst a colorful crowd and many yuppies, 15 year-old hippies, and laughing children, with bright sun overhead and the scent of weed and elephant dung on the cool Spring air. Our DJ closed the set with a comment on Cheney and "I Chase the Devil" (or some version thereof).

I worship Max Romeo & The Upsetters' 1976 "I Chase the Devil" (produced by Lee Scratch Perry), as well as the 1977 Lee Perry & Full Experience dub version entitled "Disco Devil". Either version, and every sample that pops up in a reggae/jungle/dubstep/breaks track or set, sends shivers down my spine.

In 2006, the day after the November elections, I had a dream in which I was with a group of people, and "I Chase the Devil" came on. The song had a history for me of playing at strange moments-- at the time I owned no copy of it, and I didn't know anyone who did (I don't think I even knew its name then). In my dream, I announced "wow, that is so strange that that song came on." Due to completely unforeseeable events, I heard "I Chase the Devil" a half hour or less later. I said, "that is so strange that that song came on!"

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